Get second field from look up control

Hello, I have a Form wich contains a field called Supervisor, i retrivie the supervisor names from another sharepoint list wich contain this Fields, Name, Email, Company.

In My first form i show the supervisor name with a Company filter everything works fine.

But, when i want to get the Email from the supervisor in power automate i can't get it.

My Field for supervisor ir Single line of text
any ideas to solve this problem?


Dear @eterrazas,
You can retrieve Email field with Supervisor Lookup control using the Extra fields property - Lookup control — SharePoint forms

You can then retrieve it with JavaScript on Supervisor field change:

fd.control('Supervisor').ready().then(function(control) {
    fd.control('Supervisor').$on('change', function(value) {
        fd.field('SupervisorEmail').value = value.Email;

You can also hide the email field on the form with display:none; style:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: