Getting the value from a read-only user field


I am having an issue in which I am trying to get the name of the user selected in a user field that is set to read-only. I can use fd.field('Fieldname').value if the field is not read-only but setting to read-only returns an [Object object] and whatever I try it returns undefined except fd.field('Fieldname') which returns an id but I just want the display name what I am I missing?

Dear @Jeremiah_Latour,
Can you send me a screenshot of your form? Technically, you should always get an object from a field, even if it's not readonly.

Getting the name usually requires to access a specific property of the object, for example:


P.S. There seems to be a difference between the name of the property. It's DisplayText for non-readonly fields and displayName for the read-only fields.

Thanks using the displayName worked.

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