Getting Ticket ID after the update

Hello there!

I just wanted to ask how to get the Ticket ID / Ticket # (not the SharePoint internal item ID).
Previously you were able to just drag the SharePoint Field with the Name 'TicketID' into the grid and access it in your code with fd.field('TicketID').value.


This doesn't work anymore, since the SharePoint Field TicketID seems to have vanished from the left bar where the containers/controls/fields are located.

Maybe I'm just missing something obvious but can somebody help me out here?

Okay, so literally 5 minutes after posting this I found out it's because I changed computers (and thus languages) and its name is just another one now...
Found it by just checking every single Sharepoint Field's internal name available (in German it's Ticketnummer for those who're curious).


Uh, now I feel silly. This is why I never open threads :pensive: :call_me_hand:

Can be closed lol :cherries:

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