Help Desk - Restore Quick Launch - Horizontal Navigation

We want to use the horizontal navigation so we can maximize the page real estate in SPO. The problem now is when we go to the Ticket List we don't get a navigation because the code overwrites the quick launch. Is there a way to restore the standard SPO navigation?

Hello Scott! Unfortunately, for now HelpDesk supports only vertical navigation layout. I have contacted developers on this matter to discuss whether we can support the horizontal one. I will notify you about further updates.

Scott, for now, HelpDesk supports only the vertical quick navigation menu and we do not have plans to change it. If you need to increase the list area on the screen, I would advise you to use a full-screen mode:


But there is a bug: when you quit it, the HelpDesk top menu is not rendered - you need to reload the page to see it again. We have already prepared a fix for that but it will be available in the next HelpDesk release.

And there is another workaround: you can hide the left menu and add the required links to the top one. For that, navigate to Settings > Appearance and add the required links.