Help with trigger ticket from specific sender assign to specific agent

I am trying to configure a simple trigger

Email from ‘[email protected]’ (this is one of our existing support mailboxes)
Assign to: ‘agent name’

I am following up these instructions

I have two questions:

What should be the right order to give it? In fact what is “order” really imply. I have given it Order: 100 as this looks the next logical number

Ideally it will like to append a specific text to the ticket title that will add to the forwarded email title ie: Old ticketing system request + Email title

Could you guide me through this?

Hello @ValB,

You are right about order, the triggers will be executed in the order you specified in the image: 10 - first, 20 - second, etc.
But you can do it 1,2,3... or 100, 200, 300...It specifies what trigger will be executed first and what trigger will be next.

You can add an action to the trigger so it will change ticket's title, it might look this:

Where {{Ticket.HelpDeskMailbox}} is an internal name of the hidden field which contains information on the source mailbox - from which an original message has been forwarded.
You can learn about Tokens you can use in the triggers by clicking "Available tokens" or by visiting this page.

Thanks a lot. I will try out. At the moment I have disable quite a few triggers while we test the system. Will this have an imact on the order number I should assign?

Hello @ValB,

No, not really. It affects only the order of their execution, but it’s not required to specify the order for each and every trigger.
If you had triggers in the order: 10, 20, 30, 40… and disabled, for example, 10 and 20, it means that they will be executed in the order starting from 30, 40…

Is there a listing of all the available tokens and their description?
The list you show in the screen image is good but I’m not sure what some of them are for. Was hoping to find a reference for them. When I visit the Tokens and Snippets page, it only shows some of those listed above.


Hi @sperley,

Unfortunately, we don't have a list with of all the tokens and their descriptions.

You may check available tokens and how to specify them correctly in the conditions section in a trigger by picking a field in the dropdown:

If you can not find a required token or have doubts on what a particular token refers to please feel free to ask it here.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Hi Anna.
I try to create a trigger for notificate a new ticket in the cc recipient when the ticket title contains the word ‘occupancy’ but including to the notification the attachment of the created ticket.
So I need to specify a token in the field: Attachments URLs (semicolon separated list).
Can you advice which is the token because I cannot find it.

Hello, @nmariolis

Can you specify why do you need to include attachments in the notification of a Cc recipient? Since he received a copy of the initial message of a requester, he has these attachments even before a new ticket is created. There is a token {{Comment.AttachmentUrls}} that you insert in the corresponding field, but it works in context of ‘Comment has been created’ event.



I have figured out how to implement what you want. To notify a Cc recipient about ticket creation with attachments, create a trigger with the following configuration.
The first part:

The second part

So when a comment has been created, the trigger checks whether the one is initial (=ticket is created) and the title contains 'occupancy' and then it sends a message to a Cc recipient. Since the event is the 'Comment has been created', you can use the token {{Comment.AttachmentUrls}}.

Hi @Evgeniy,
The case is the below.
We extract for each hotelier (which in our case is external user) periodically a report concerning room occupancies. When the report is created the I create a ticket where the requester is the contracting department manager, assignee is the Contractor which is the responsible for the contract with the supplier(hotelier) and cc is the hotelier to whom the ticket is referred. So when is created the hotelier must have the attached on the notification. The ticket is followed up from the assigned contractor with this way.

I will try it and let you know .