Helpdesk Feedback system broken


We think something has gone wrong with our feedback system. On Friday (30/07/21) we had 1400(ish) positive feedbacks 10 "well" feedback and 13 "bad" feedbacks.

We now have 23 "bad" feedbacks, the majority of the extra were raised yesterday (2/08/21) and have some very positive comments next to them. Additionally, we have a "Well" and a "Bad" feedback from people who have left and their accounts have been completely disabled before the ticket was closed so they could not respond to them.

Here is the list of "Bad" feedback that we believe to be incorrect:

Ticket #3973 is the one of the leaver whose accounts was completely disabled and access to all 365 systems had been revoked at the time the ticket was closed.

We have changed nothing in our Plumsail instance in this time and there are to many of these for it to be a case of the wrong face clicked by accident.

If someone could help me figure out what's going wrong I would appreciate that.


Hello! I have turned to developers to check whether there are any issues with rating in your case. I tested it in my developer environment and it worked as expected:


Also, I would like to draw your attention that it doesn't matter whether the users has access to your environment or not. If they received the notification of resolving the ticket to their e-mail, they can rate the ticket by clicking the accordant face icon.

David, while the developers are working on the issue, could you create and close at least 3 tickets and test them as I did?

Hi @e.evseychik,

The very 1st test immediately was wrong - I clicked the green face and it came through as bad feedback:

I will do the others still and report back with the full results.

I understand they can still give feedback without access to our environment BUT the email address the feedback email went to was closed, the account was disabled and all of the access to that account/inbox was revoked. They wouldn't have even been able to get to the email.


So it seems to be almost randomly applying feedback. I have labelled the tickets what feedback I submitted for them

So "Perfect" feedback got 1 that should have been perfect and 2 bads:

"well" got 1 Well and 1 bad:

And "Bad" got 2 "Perfects" and 1 "well":

And Test - Well 2 has just not sent a feedback email at all (it has sent the initial ticket receipt but then nothing after that):

Thank you for the provided information, I have passed it to developers and will keep you informed about further results.

The developer detected that some automation goes through all links that the HelpDesk notifications contain. It seems that you have some security scanning system that checks whether the links are safe. Thus, it rates tickets randomly. We would advise you either disable it or add (if possible) the rate links to exclusions. Also, we will work on preventing such cases on our side and a fix for this in a future release but there is no due date for that.


Thanks for this. This makes sense. Although we have had that for a while (about 8 or 9 months) and it has only just started to effect the system but my guess is they updated something in the system.

I will see if I can exclude the plumsail address from this.

Thanks very much for looking into this you can consider this matter closed.

Thanks very much and have a really great day.


Oh actually is there a way to correct all of the incorrect feedback we have recived OR just delete it all without deleting the ticket?

Please send me through private message a list of ticket IDs for which it is necessary to reset rates: the developer will prepare a script for that.

Hi @e.evseychik

Ok, thanks. I will do this once we have solved the problem but unfortunately excluding it from our email link checking system has not fixed it.

So here's what's happening. So feedback is being randomly assigned (equally so out of three tickets one will always be perfect, bad, and well) the feedback happens almost as soon as you close the ticket it is NOT a by-product of anyone clicking anything in the feedback email, everything that's closed gets rated (here's three I raised this morning that I have not even click the feedback email on:

We have a number of other Plumsail instances in our tenancy and they are NOT doing this and they are working fine and they are NOT excluded from our email link checker. So in our test instance, I did three thickets yesterday and they worked exactly as expected.

So feedback links to the test instance look like this:


Which is using Mimecast, which is what we use to check links in email etc. And this works fine. The instance with the problem used to look like this too but we excluded it from the Mimecast settings so feedback links look like this:

But the problem is still occurring.

Sorry to be a pain, I hate un-straight forward problems like this.


Just for anyone looking at this thread this issue was resolved very helpfully by Plumsail support.

The problem WAS our spam filter (mimecast) we had merged with another organisation and our Mimecast subscriptions had been merged by a third party company in the background and and additional email link checking function that we were unaware of had been turned on. We excluded out Helpdesk email from this and this resolved the issue. Plumsail then ran a script to remove all the incorrect feedback from our system while keeping the tickets.

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