Helpdesk Outage 3.22.23?

Our helpdesk is not functioning. Import seems functional but The triggers are not firing. Started at 9am est. Across multiple tenants.

Yep, issue with notifications again.

Just an FYI, Our service seems to be back up as of 2pm triggers are going again. no word on if it is really resolved or not.

Mine is timing out trying to create tickets for the past 20 mintues or so

Hello! We confirm that we had an issue on our server between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. (UTC) of March 22. For now, it is resolved and the queue of the delayed messages is being processed. I will inform you about the research results.

There was a bug in the recent performance optimization that solved the previous issue with the HelpDesk outage. We fixed it and hope that no such failures will recur.

Hi Evgeniy,
We have an outage again starting 4/4/23 around 8:30/9:30 am EST.

Our SMTP server was under DDOS attack from ~12-30 UTC to ~15-30 UTC. Now the issue is solved, incoming emails should be processed as usual.
We are sorry for the incidents that already may seem systematic but each time there were different reasons for them. I would like to assure you that after each incident we work on improving the product design to enhance its stability and performance.