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We are trying to create a trigger which searches the body of the incoming email and then assigns the agent if it finds specific text. I'm new to this but can't seem to get something which should be simple?

Hi @wilbee ,
Here's a bit of an alternative solution, but very close to what you have proposed.

The initial email is contained in the Comment.Body. So, this trigger will check that the comment if the first one (opens the ticket) and that search for the term in the text.

Please let me know if this works for you.

hmmm....doesn't seem to like that?

Hi @wilbee ,
Have you probably used the "Ticket has been created" in the "Execute when" section? It will not give the trigger access to the current comment.
Please see that in my response above the starting condition is "Comment has been created"

Thank you...that's got it!

So we had it working and now it has stopped...any ideas? The logs say it worked.
Here is the Trigger and logs showing. SP FAST Dev is a SharePoint group.

We have fixed this...thanks

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