Helpdesk upgrade to Modern UI - how do we edit forms without Plumsail Forms?

So I assumed that we'd at least get a limited license for Plumsail Forms in the same way as we got Form Designer so we could customise Helpdesk forms, but I just ran the update to 2.1.2 and now I can't re-add the mandatory fields I had on the old form, so I have to edit those fields in list view before I try to save a form.

Am I missing something?

Jetboat license.


Hello, @emjem

We provide the limited license for Plumsail Forms for subscriptions not less than of "Yacht" plan. The license for Forms Designer was provided under the same condition.

Thanks! So I just install the trial of Forms and it will keep working as a limited app like Forms Designer?

It would work, but you mentioned that you have the "Jet boat" license, and at least "Yacht" one is necessary for customising of forms.