Helpdesk upgrade to Modern UI - how do we edit forms without Plumsail Forms?

So I assumed that we'd at least get a limited license for Plumsail Forms in the same way as we got Form Designer so we could customise Helpdesk forms, but I just ran the update to 2.1.2 and now I can't re-add the mandatory fields I had on the old form, so I have to edit those fields in list view before I try to save a form.

Am I missing something?

Jetboat license.


Hello, @emjem

We provide the limited license for Plumsail Forms for subscriptions not less than of "Yacht" plan. The license for Forms Designer was provided under the same condition.

Thanks! So I just install the trial of Forms and it will keep working as a limited app like Forms Designer?

It would work, but you mentioned that you have the "Jet boat" license, and at least "Yacht" one is necessary for customising of forms.

I have the yacht license and have installed the trial version, is this the right way to go to be able to use the forms designer to re-implement my changes?

Hello, @fbee

With modern UI, you need to use Plumsail Forms (not Forms Designer). You install a free/trial version of Forms and use it with no restrictions when connecting to your HelpDesk instance (licensed with Yach plan) for customizing tickets or contacts forms.

Thank you. I will try this as soon as I can get the upgrade to complete (5 hours and it's still going).

Please check service health of your tenant whether there are any incidents. If it is alright, then send me in a private message the URL of the updating HelpDesk instance. I will pass it to developers to find out what could cause the issue.