Hide Next button - Wizard


Is it possible through JavaScript to hide the NEXT button on a Wizard until all required fields are filled out?

We have a wizard control with 4 tabs. On tab 2 we have an accordion control with 3 tabs. The problem is that on tab 2 of the wizard, users fill out the information on the first accordion tab and instead of opening the second and third tabs they go directly to the NEXT button and then do not understand why the next button doesn't work. We do have the error message showing up but some have claimed to simply miss the other accordion tabs or they ignore the error message altogether. What I would like to do is to hide the NEXT button until all required fields on the wizard have been filled out.

If not possible, would this be something that we could include by purchasing support?

Also, is it possible to make the Wizard Error message open expanded by default?



Hello @adasilva,

Please find the reply in this post: