Hiding slides in PowerPoint with conditional blocks doesn't work when using different values on different slides

I'm having so much trouble with trying to hide slides and thought I'd post once more on here before giving up on using Plumsail. This should be so simple yet it never works:

Slide 1 - has a block on it: {{prehupslides}:hide-block-if(value == 5001)}

Slide 2- has a block on it: {{prehupslides}:hide-block-if(value == 5000)}

As in, if the "prehupslides" numeric token is 5001 only Slide 2 should be visible and if the token is 5000 then only Slide 1 should be visible yet this is not what happens.

If I send 5000, Slide 2 is hidden and Slide 1 shows as expected. - This works.

If I send 5001, neither Slide 1 nor Slide 2 display, BOTH are hidden.

If I send 6000, both Slide 1 and Slide 2 shows as expected. - This works.

For whatever reason, any time you have the same token on multiple slides with different value == on it, it never works and only works on one of the values.

I've made new presentations including the most basic test one with only 2 slides. I've tried string, I've tried numeric, it does it on every single one.

It seems like you can only have a token/block with one value throughout the presentation and not more. As in, you could have {{prehupslides}:hide-block-if(value == 5001)} on 10+ slides and it will hide them all if 5001 is received, but the moment you add a different value to another slide, like {{prehupslides}:hide-block-if(value == 5000)} it completely breaks.

My values come from Dynamics 365 dropdowns. So, for example, I might have slides that show 24 month pricing, 36 month pricing and 60 month pricing. In Dynamics, we pick from the dropdown "Contract Term" where if I pick 24 it sends value 5000; I pick 36 it sends value 5001; I pick 60 it sends value 5002, etc. Yet it seems like Plumsail only works if the token is either 1 value or NOT that value.

Hi @Psycho_bunny,

The latest Documents release affected the hide-block logic and we rolled back the changes. Please retry the action and let me know if there are any issues.

Best regards,
Plumsail team