How complex can a single form get

I have a requirement to create forms out of what are essentially loan applications. For example one form has 132 fields, and several signature fields. The total list record might exceed the 8,000 byte column limit.

Can a Plumsail Form have sub forms on it? (so I can break the loan application form down into sub lists, but have it rendered as a single list)

Hello @Kurtnelle,

You can split the list to several sub-lists and designer the form using List or Library control which will display related items and/or set up redirection between list forms.

Hi @mnikitina,

Alright; therefore Plumsail can present itself as a single long form, even though that data may be comming from multiple sub lists and/or appear more like a wizard controlling the navigation from one sub form to another. - Is my understanding correct?


Yes. And just to be sure that we are on the same page, you can use List or Library control, for example, to replace repeating columns in a list. That will descend the column count.

And you can set up jumping between different list form using redirection.

The design depends on the form that you finally want to see.