How do I edit from SP List in full screen mode and make Ink Sketches show up?

I've created a successful SharePoint 365 form, it gets data updates it in the SP list as people fill out and save the form, everything is great. There are frequently going to be times where my users need to update these saved forms. Right now they can go to the list, double click on the line they want and get that ( somewhat odd ) quarter page wide form with the edit/close buttons; that does work but in a perfect world the data they select would open a full screen version to work with. Is this possible?

Also, I'm using a Ink Sketch to capture signatures, it's working great and I can see the signatures in the list table. The problem is when I edit from the lists ( double clicking on the list entry and choosing "Edit" ) or generate a pdf from there using the button the signature graphic doesn't show. Is there a way to make it show? Any pointers? thanks!

Ok, I figured out theway to get full screen editing... check out the instructions at this Microsoft site

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