How do I iterate through DataTable to create an SP list item with each entry?

I've modified an SP form with Plumsail and added a DataTable. My goal is to create multiple SP list items with one form.

There's already a post that solves this:

But instead of a public plumsail form I would like to do it with an SP form. I know that to trigger a PowerAutomate flow I have to turn on the feature in the Plumsail designer and copy paste the form ID, but then I don't see any dynamic content available. Then I tried to parse the JSON of the form, but the flow does not trigger. Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hello @Guillem,

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In SharePoint Online you can use List or Library control which allows you to work with SharePoint List within the form. Please find more information about the control and examples in our documentation here:

Hello @mnikitina and thanks for responding.
Sorry for the late response. As you said, List or Library was the best option for my issue, but now i face another one.

You see, i have two lists; Category and SubCategory. Before using the list or library i had the two lists as individual fields. Then with javascript any time i picked a category only the related subcategories would appear in the combobox.

To use the list or library i had to create another list with the category, subcategory lists inside as columns and then use it as a source for my list or library.

My question is: Is there any way to do the thing i mentioned with the related category, subcategory inside the list or library control?

Many thanks.

Hello again @mnikitina,
Sorry to bother you again. Just editing this to let you know that I already solved my problem with, yet again, something that was already solved in the official documentation!
Link to the solution i've found:

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