How to add multiple SharePoint attachment controls on a Plumsail Form

Hi there,

I need to add 14 attachment controls to my form. However, under the "Sharepoint Fields" I only see one attachment control available.


What would be the best approach to add the other 13 attachment controls?


Hello @jyou,

You can add only one attachments field to the form.

And why do you need to have multiple attachments fields? Could you please describe your case in details, maybe I can suggest alternatives.

Hi @mnikitina ,

The form I have designed has 14 tabs, the client asked to have an attachment control for each tab.

And do you know what is the limit of the Sharepoint attachment control? how many files can we put on there?



You can use List or Library instead of Attachments field. Thus you can add control to each tab and there will be no limit on a number of attachments.