How to add the mobile field

Hi everybody,
I did setup the box template including the CellPhone field but this data is not displayed in the org chart.
I then remembered that on our local on premises AD the name of the field is "mobile" and could not find a way to add it...
I tried in HTML mode but failed, so am I asking for your pieces of advice!
Thank you in advance, take care!

Hi @jossbou,
sorry for delayed reply.
Typically, when you want to refer to a SharePoint user profile field from in the Org Chart Box template, you can simply use the {{FieldName}} notation.
If this does not work, please try to see how is your property referred to in the itemData object. For example, you can access any itemData object by logging im to the console, like this:

After this, reload the Org Chart and open the browser console (F12). You will see a list ob objects holding all the user profile data:
Just find th erequired property here.

Please note that the property from your AD needs to be added and synced to the SharePoint user profiles, otherwise, Org Chart will not get access to it as it does not access AD directly.
Please let me know if this works for you!

Thank you Vladimir,
I checked the properties in the console :
In the Azure AD, the mobile phone is included, not in Delve.
I confirm that on our local AD, the name of the field is mobile not cellphone like on Azure AD.
I'm searching for a way to synch mobile to cellphone, if you have one, please be kind to let me know!