How to create a registration form with max participants per session

I'm creating a registration form for a company event. Our staff member need to select which session they would like to follow. Every session has a maximum amount of participants.

I would like, when a session limit is reached, for the session (option) in the dropdown to show that the session is full or that a text field apears which says the chosen session is full.

Is this possible?
Kind regards.

Hello @Go2900,

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Yes, it is possible. You can store the list of the sessions with the count of participants in the Excel files stored in OneDrive. You can use this file as a source to populate Drop Down field on the form. Find more information here.

And you need to set up a Microsoft Flow that will update the Excel file. Thus, after the user selects a session and submits the form, the number of participants is updated by the thread. When the number of participants reaches the maximum, the thread will add a 'Full' note to the session name.