How to fill into Person field in Plumsail

Hi there,

I have a person field named "Assigned" that I would like to prepopulate with values from some text fields. For example, I would like to put the values under "Project Leader", "Electrical Leader", "Account Manager" and "Project Manager" into "Assigned", which is a Person field. How would I achieve it? Thanks.

Hello @jyou,

You can use the code below to populate Assigned field with other field values. Make sure you are using field internal names in the code.

function populateAssigned() {
    var users = [];

    if(fd.field('ProjectLeader').value) {
    if(fd.field('ElectricalLeader').value) {

    fd.field('Assigned').value =users;


fd.spRendered(function() {
    //call fundtion on form load

    //call function on field change
    fd.field('ProjectLeader').$on('change', populateAssigned);
    fd.field('ElectricalLeader').$on('change', populateAssigned);

@mnikitina ,

Thank for answering. Your code works well.

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