How to hard version


I deployed the Plumsail.Form.sppkg with ver 1.0.7. Then, I build form ok.

Then, I re-deploy the Plumsail.Form.sppkg with ver 1.0.5 to replaced for 1.0.7.

But the Plumsail form still load spform.js from 1.0.7 by link

Now, Please show me how to get spform.js with ver 1.0.5 as package that I re-deployed


And, please send me the link to download the Plumsai.Form.sppkg with ver 1.0.5. Tks

Hello @dat,

We suggest using the latest version of the app package, which is 1.0.7.

Why do you need the outdated version of the app?
Maybe we can find a better way for you to achieve your aims.

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