How To: Hide Add New Buttons for Printing

I have a form with both a DataTable and a ListTable. I want to hide the Add New buttons when the form is printed. How do I do that?

Hello @smithme,

You can hide the 'Add new item' button in PDF with the following CSS:

.k-pdf-export button.btn.btn-primary
{ display: none; }

And to hide delete column and toolbar from Datatable, please use the CSS from the example in this article:

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Thank you very much.

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Hi i have an attachment field which i want to hide just for exported pdf file and it not working i am using the following css code: I also tried giving css class to field and using that class both didnt work.

.k-pdf-export Attachment{ //Attachment is internal name
display:none ! important ;

its working now with same code thank you

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