How to populating a PDF form or DOCX from a Sharepoint list in Power Automate

We're evaluating Plumsail and I'm trying to figure out how to generate either a filled PDF form or DOCX template from a Sharepoint list using Power Automate (Flow). Basically, whenever a new list item is created I want to save a filled template file in Sharepoint. I've found documents on here about populating a DOCX template but I don't see any explanation of how to integrate and map a Sharepoint list.

Hello @b4bteam,

Firstly you need to collect the SharePoint list items using the SharePoint connector. For example, Get Items


or Get file content


After that there will be available dynamic content, that can be used in the JSON in PLumsail action Creat docx from template.

Also, please check out the example

it shows how to obtain documents and logo from SharePoint library using SharePoint connector, and then use it in the Plumsail action.

Best Regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team