How to set hints on Date fields

Hi everyone

Is it possible to set a hint (grey default text that shows the expected format) on date fields?

Controls should have the common property hint, but in the Forms Editor I can't set it directly, so I hope it's possible with JS somehow?


Dear @weckmann,
Unfortunately, right now it's not possible to add hints to date field. Do you want to add it to SharePoint or Common date field? We'll see if this can be added in future versions.

Also, you can use other types of hints - description or text next to field, for example.

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In my case these are SharePoint date fields.
OK, would be nice to have this feature in the future.
Until then, I'll probably add a simple text beside it, as you suggested.

Thanks for your answer.
Regards, Bertram

Dear @weckmann,
If it's a SharePoint field, you can add description to the field in List Settings -> Column settings, it should be displayed under the field on the form.

But yes, thank you for the feedback, we've added this idea to our roadmap.

Yes, I know the description feature, and I'd wish to have an option to disable it, because in most cases I need to design the form manually anyway, and this description doesn't even show in the editor, just in the final live version. So, usually I've stopped using the description at all to avoid unexpected texts in the form.

In this special case it might be useful to show the expected formatting.