How to unlink a moved document?

I am using the Move document from library custom action, which works nicely. When I view the document properties already in the destination library, a message is displayed under the ribbon in yellow background: This item is a copy of {original document URL} (Go To Source Item | Unlink)
This message is very confusing for the users, especially since the original document URL is not valid anymore. How can I avoid this message?


Hi Elizabeth,

Unfortunately it is not possible for now, but we will fix it in the next release.

I requested due dates from our Development Team. I will let you know about the due dates as soon as I have them.

Thanks a lot! I am looking forward to it.

The new release will be available on July 1. This version will fix the issue for ‘Move Document from Library’ workflow action. We will also add option ‘Keep source item link’ to ‘Copy Document from Library’ workflow action. I will notify about the release.

Great. Thanks.

Hello Elizabeth,
I’m glad to inform you that we solved this issue.
Now ‘Move’ and ‘Copy’ actions work as you expected.
Please download the last version of Workflow Actions Pack if you used ‘Copy’ workflow actions in your workflows, read documentation before upgrading
If you used only ‘Move’ workflow actions, upgrade is not necessary.

I no longer can edit the workflow in SharePoint Designer. I am getting a message that “You must use Windows Workflow Foundation, part of .NET Framework 3.0, must be installed to use this feature.” The oldest framework I have is 3.5 and the 3. 0 installer wants me turn that off. Could you confirm that it is really necessary before all my other applications relying on that framework stop working. Please advise.

Please ensure that you have cleared cache and restarted SharePoint Designer.
Link on bat file

Testers confirmed that the issue is solved now. Thanks for your help.!