How to update WF Pack per site collection

Good day, I have following problem.

We updated WFAP on our server, all sitecollections which we had before did not updated. If I create a new site collection it has new WF actions, but old does not. If I go to the Site Settings and open Plumsail Actions Pack, the version is same on all sites, old and new. But I dont have the actions. My idea was to deactivate WFAP and reactivate it again, but I am getting a error by deactivating the feature…

Error from log:
System.ArgumentException: Das Argument “activityName” ist null oder leer.

I hope there is a solution because we need new actions in all our sites.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Senad_Omicevic,

Please try to activate feature by PowerShell. Please review this discussion for more information:

Additionally, please review known issues with update