How to use Custom Manager2 Field as Data Source for Org Chart?

Hi Team,

I have one scenario, where we cannot use OOB Manager Field as Data Source for Org Chart. I have created the custom Manager2 field and populate all users Manager data into it in User Profile. But Org chart is still referring to old Manager field even I have updated "dotted-line Manager" to Manager2. Still it won't work after clearing the cache also.

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Pradeep Khot

Hello! By design, it is not possible to set a custom manager field for user profiles data source. I will consult with developers whether it is possible programmatically and inform you about results.

Can we check this on high priority and can we get some estimated time for the change. because this issue is faced by user.

We will implement the changes in the product that will allow using custom JS script for setting custom manager fields, but it will take about a month and it is not a strict deadline. For now, it is possible to use only the default field of user profiles.

As you mentioned in the ticket, you decided to use the custom field because of problems with synchronization of the default one with Azure AD. I would advise you the following steps while we are working on the changes:

  • turn to Microsoft support, it is obviously a bug in Microsoft 365 system;
  • set the manager field for the problem user manually or...
  • try to use a PowerShell script to synchronize the property, perhaps, this article will be useful for you.

Thank you for the update and for considering the change. Sure I will check the steps. Please keep me updated for this changes.

Thank you again.

Of course, I will post here when we have released the changes.

Hi @Pradeepkyk,

Our developers researched the possibility to add custom mappings for the User Profiles data source. Unfortunately, we got stuck with the SharePoint API. It doesn't provide an easy way to get reports for custom manager fields. We are not able to add this feature to the product :worried: