How to use data in form from lookup

I came across this article and have a question.

The thing that I`m trying to achieve is to use the data from this lookup in the form to show hide fields based on user selection of the dropdown field.


If a user selects bow ties and they are from silk I need to show a textbox field else hide.
If a user selects ties and they are from wool I need to show a dropdown field else hide.

So my question is how can I access that lookup data for manipulation?

Can I retrieve multiple values from a list row and use it?
Bow Tie; Men; Silk; Red.

Thank you!

Hello @Vasilii_Burca,

As described in the article, to get extra field values, first, you need to specify internal names of the fields in lookup field settings >> General >> Extra Fields.

Then you can get extra field value using this code:


E.g: fd.field('Lookup').value.Document_x0020_Status

For the lookup field that allows selection of multiple values, you need to specify the index of the selected value in the array:


Please find more information about the lookup field in the documentation.

Hello @mnikitina,

Worked like a charm !!!

Thank you !!!

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@mnikitina the image in your post above is broken - could you re-post so I can see how the extra fields need to be included?


Here you go:

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