How to use Forms Designer for SharePoint with SSO and ADFS


how can I use the Forms Designer with SSO, ADFS and claims based identity? All available authentication methods do not work with ADFS and SSO. That means I will redirected to the login page of the trusted identity provider.

Thanks Torsten

Hello @tah,

Forms Designer (our older app) doesn't support MFA. It should be disabled for the account that designs forms.

This community is for our newest product - Plumsail Forms.
Plumsail Forms fully supports MFA. You can download a free trial here:

Please in the future post your questions about Forms Designer here:

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Hi @mnikitina,

thanks for the hint.

  • That means you recommend to use Forms instead of Forms Designer?
  • What are the main differences respectivly the advantages or disadvantages between these two products?
  • Is Forms Designer depriciated or will it be depriciated in the near future?
  • Are the forms compatible with both products?

Thanks for your support.


We have no plans to stop supporting Forms Designer, but we recommend using Plumsail Forms. It is our newer product, designed to work SharePoint Modern UI.

It has all features of Forms Designer, but it also comes with responsive mobile-friendly forms, client-rendered forms, more custom controls and containers (such as Wizard, Data Table, Likert Scale, etc.), richer JS API, better routing to custom forms (for SP groups and other conditions), and more.

The product is regularly improving and introducing new features.

You can use both products simultaneously on the same tenant, but not in the same list, as it may cause conflicts.
And there is no way to migrate form from one product to another. The form should be created from scratch.