HTML to PDF Not Getting HTML Content


I am using this connector in MSFlow and I pass a web URL as the source for the HTML to PDF process. For some reason, all it is doing is creating a pdf file with the URL I passed as the only content. What am I doing wrong?


Hello @bclarkuncc,

The action’s input should be either raw HTML or a file extracted from other connectors like:

  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce
  • Box

Please check out the prerequisites and examples in the user guide.

Try to change the input as per the instructions

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team


Is there an alternative or recommendation to grab content from link on the web (like a news article) and convert to pdf?


Hello @bclarkuncc,

You can get the HTML content using MS Flow HTTP action, like this

Bets regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team