If toogle is ON enable the submit button otherwise disabled


Newbie here. I need to enable / disable the submit button when the toggle is on or off. how can i do that i the Public Forms. Please help.

Thanks in Advance.


Hello @EchodaPogi,

You can use the code below to enable/disable field dynamically depending on toggle value. Update the code with the field internal names.

fd.rendered(function() {

    function disableField() {
        //if toggle is on
        if (fd.field('Toggle').value == true) {
            //disabled field
            fd.field('Field1').disabled = true;
            //enable field
            fd.field('Field1').disabled = false;

    // Calling disableField when the toggle value changes

    // Calling disableField on form loading


Learn more in Work with web form fields in JavaScript article.

@mnikitina - thank you so much. It worked perfectly. I know i have more questions to come. Newbie on this form. But its awesome. I integrate Plumsail in our company processes and it work great. thanks again

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