Image field? Bug?

Hi, I think I found bug, I'm not sure. There is a slight difference in JSON structure between standard SharePoint form and Plumsail form for an image field. This cause that a Gallery view for a list doesn't display tiles for images added by Plumsail form.

SharePoint form:
{"fileName":"name","serverRelativeUrl":"image URL","id":"generated ID","serverUrl":"server URL","thumbnailRenderer":{"spItemUrl":"

I can't see whole JSON but Plumsail form consist of only this without thumbnail section:
{"name":name.jpg","serverRelativeUrl":"image realitve URL","id":"generated Id"}

Is it bug or it's somthing wrong in standard configuration of my form? I just added image filed without any additional changes in configuration.


Dear @wflorczyk,
Seems like a bug. Gallery is a new feature, so most likely something has changed in the Image field, but we didn't adapt it yet into the Forms. I'll let the dev team know - they'll research this and most likely fix the issue in the near future!

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