Images as multi-line text

I am filling a Word Template with data from Powerapps/CDS.

Powerapps/CDS has the ability to store images as an "image" data-type, but also as a "multiline text" type. Currently my datatype is set to "image" and it populates the word template great (using Plumsail).

To resolve another issue, I'm needing to convert my type from image to multi-line text. Then it works perfect in my application, but the plumsail function no longer populates the image correctly in the word template. I've spent a bunch of time trying different binary/base64 conversions, but the image always shows as text.

Has anyone been able to get a plumsail image to show from a multiline text datatype?

Thanks in advance.


Hello @rollyr,

Could you share the picture multiline text datatype sample? I'll check if it could be converted to base 64 and inserted into a docx template. Please also share the details of how do you convert it to base 64.

Best regards,
Plumsail team