Increase size of toggle Common field

Hi Plumsail,

Is it possible to increase the size of the toggle common field?

It's quite small on the form and I want it to be bigger so users with vision problems can see it easier.


Dear @DryChips,
Do you have an option to switch modes in editor? If you do, switch from Basic to Advanced:

Hi Nikita,

I don't have this option in the editor.

Dear @DryChips,
Okay, in this case, it's probably using Advanced. You can change Width and Font size in the control settings:


is there a way to increase its height using css? If I can control both the height and width, I can make it more prominent on the form.

Dear @DryChips,
Have you tried what I recommended? You can do it without CSS and it looks pretty big:

Yes, but there is no font-size option available in the control panel for the field.

Dear @DryChips,
In this case, give your field a CSS Class:

And use CSS to change it's font-size and width:

.my-toggle .k-switch{
  font-size: 35px!important;
  width: 100px!important;