Install new instance of Plumsail helpdesk for multiple departments


I'm trying to install multiple instances of Helpdesk (SharePoint Online/O365 version). The wizard allowed me to successfully install the 1st one (using my tenant URL) but I am unable to install for a different site. Based on the guides, I suspected that I would be able to define what site collection or subsite I wanted to install it but I cannot. The wizard is only associated with the tenant URL/sites.
How do I install for a different department or to another collection?

This is the link to the guide that was being used: Create multiple help desks for different departments and different mailboxes — HelpDesk for Office 365, MS Teams, and SharePoint 1.x documentation

Not sure what I am doing wrong..


Hi @immaculateMESS ,
The guide you're referring two is a very old one, made for "Classic" SharePoint online.
In the 'Modern' paradigm, there are no subsites anymore. Please follow the usual installation instruction.
You can specofy the new name for the HelpDesk site and a separate HelpDesk instance will be created with an URL ""
Also, please note that you need to specify credentials for the global admin while installing a new HelpDesk instance.

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