Installing Plumsail Helpdesk - Error

Received an error during plumsail helpdesk installation. The installer continued to create the site with the name and URL. Once the error suggestion was fixed, we went to re-install the Plumsail ... but unfortunately the Team site was created without Plumsail.

Now we need to use the same URL and Site Name. Is there a way to install plumsail helpdesk on a available team site ?

Hello! I have sent you the installer for HelpDesk 1.5.10. This version of HelpDesk can be installed on the existing site, please do it and then update HelpDesk to the latest version.

Okay will try and use that.

Hi Evgeniy,

I tried the installer previously and it worked. But it does not seem to be working now. I received the below error even though the site exits.

Please advise.


Hello @Ashnil_Sharma,

Please make sure that you are using the global administrator credentials in the installation wizard. Also, the HelpDesk cannot be installed unless scripting capabilities are enabled. Read this article for more information.

Hope this helps!