Installing Widget, AutoDetect Users

I am evaluating the HelpDesk product to replace our current in house solution.

I have 2 questions.

  1. Is there a way to auto import all SharePoint/AD users as contacts? That way all of their contact information is available?

  2. When I try to embed code for a requester widget it wants a username and password.
    a. Can’t it auto detect the logged in user?
    b. When I try to log in using my SharePoint credentials, it does not accept them. What is the proper way to allow users to create tickets without having to setup a login?

WEll I now understand that these are connected. SO it goes back to my question, can contacts be linked to SharePoint users.

A follow up question is, is there anyway to import current list data into the tickets to migrate items over to this system?


Thank you for your questions.

When a user interacts with help desk it creates contact automatically. When requester creates a new ticket, contact is created automatically, when agent visits help desk for the first time, contact is created automatically. So, there is not need to prepopulate them.

There are three roles in Contacts list:
[ul][li] Agent - a contact that is linked to SharePoint user. This user will receive notifications for agents like unassigned ticket notification.[/li]
[li] Member - a contact that is linked to SharePoint user. This user is a requester who has a SharePoint account.[/li]
[li] End-user - a contact that is not linked to SharePoint user. Usually, it is an external user without any SharePoint account.[/li][/ul]

But only a few properties are filled in contact list from a user profile. Such as full name and email. If you need more user profile properties in contacts list I would recommend to user PowerShell to do it. You can write PowerShell that will run periodically, iterate through contacts and update properties you need.

Our paid support team can write a script for you. You can contact [email protected] to request estimation.

Regarding single sign on in the widget. Yes, it is supported. You need to install widget add-in from SharePoint store to site where you embedded widget. Please read this instruction for more information.

I understand and have setup the user. That being said, the widget doesn’t recognize users that haven’t logged into the PlumSail site yet. Hence my question regarding synchronizing users with current SharePoint users.
If that is not an option, is there a way to import all of my users into contacts prior to the roll out of the tool in order to make onboarding easier?

Also is there a way import current ticket data from a SharePoint list into the PlumSail ticket list?

I have my widget created and on another site. Yesterday it recognized my login and showed me tickets. Today I get prompted for login.
I understand that Im not a customer yet, but I need to understand how this works if I am going to purchase this product and roll out to my customer base.

So I realized, if I view the widget on a page within the Site that plumsail is installed on, it then recognizes my login, on both that site and the other site.
However my issue with that is that if I dont want users to see the Help Desk menu on the side, and it places it on any page I create within the site that hosts the Help Desk app.
Is there a way to hide that menu from members?

I don’t know why the widget will not single sign on if I don’t visit the actual help desk site first, but I figured out that I can change the permissions on the individual list items for the navigation in order to keep visitors from having access to things like the settings and contacts. This is under the navigation List.


We were able to reproduce the issue with single sign-on on another site. The fix will be published shortly. I will notify you once it is ready.

The behavior you expect is correct. It has to work on another site without filling login and password. Thus, you can restrict access to the help desk site and grant access to a site with a widget.

Thank you, we really appreciate your help in improving our product.

Anton, Thank you
I eagerly await the fix, as besides this issue, things in testing are going very well.

Are you aware of any issues with Chrome? My site keeps crashing repeatedly in Chrome. Im using verison 52 ESR
I have no problems in other browsers


The new version of the widget has been released. It has to work on other sites now. Please try and let me know about the results.

Regarding Chrome. Yes, it is tested in Chrome. Please try to reproduce the issue in incognito mode and provide additional information about the issue in a new forum topic?

  • Does it crash in incognito mode?
  • Does it crash on any specific page?
  • Does it crash on page open or after specific actions with the user interface?
  • Are you able to open development console of your browser (F12), navigate to Console tab and reproduce the issue? Then attach a screenshot of a page and of the Console tab to the new topic.

Im still having the issue. Do I need to do something to update the widget? Remove it and readd it?

In an incognito window in Chrome it appears to work.
I will clear my cache and see if that helps as well.

Yes, probably this is because of the cache. Plese let me know once you cleared it.

Unfortunately I continue to have problems.
Users that have logged in previously can see the widget correctly via an incognito window.
Clearing the cache helps the first time, and then subsequent visits results in the login prompt.

I had a user try to access the site today that had never accessed it and the widget returns an internal server error.

Any ideas?

I deployed a totally new site, in order to test. Now back to single sign on not working for Widget.


Please try to clear browser cache one more time as we just released a minor fix that could affect you. Ensure that you have installed the widget add-in to the same site where your widget is placed.

If it doesn’t help, we would like to research the issue on your side. Can you create a new test site, reproduce the issue and share this test site with our support account [email protected]? Please grant a least Contribute permissions. Read this article for more information about sharing SharePoint site with an external user.

Alternatively, you can create an account for us and send information to [email protected].