Issue when opening "New" form

I have a list which I have created the Display, Edit and New forms on.

The Edit and Display work without any issues, but I am getting the following error on New

Hello @sphilson,

Could you please share the screenshot of the new form opened in the desktop designer.

Do you have any custom code? Please try to comment it out and check if you get the same error.

Attached is a screen shot plus the XML Export of the form.

Opportunty_New.xfds (5.2 KB)

Hello @sphilson,

Please share the complete URL of the page with the error.

Do you get the same error in other lists? Please create a new list from scratch, design a new form, and check if you get the same error or not.

Thank you!

Found the issue, there was something cross referencing another list, deleted the other list and things are fine now.

Thank you


Not at all. You've figured it out by yourself. :slightly_smiling_face: