Issues with mobile

We are having issues with Mobile view. If we click on home we can see the items correctly. If we click on Tickets in the menu, it shows the native SharePoint. Show this be happening? Is there a way to prevent this?

Hello Tricia! Could you share the screenshots of the both views you mentioned? Also, open the HelpDesk site in the desktop browser and share the following information:

Thais part looks right:

This is what the menu looks like when I open up the helpdesk in mobile:

If I hit tickets this is what I get:

If I hit home, then change the view to all tickets this is what I get:

I tried making the view able for mobile, but it didn't seem to affect the first click into tickets. I also tried adding a mobile view in the forms editor.

Is there a way to change the homes screen that is shown in mobile? We don't need news or activity we just want it to take us to the tickets pages just like it does in the web.

Unfortunately, we can't affect the start page displayed in the SharePoint mobile application. You can request this feature at Microsoft support. As regards opening "Tickets" in the browser and native application interface, I will discuss this issue with developers and inform you about the results.

Hello! HelpDesk does not support the SharePoint application because it requires custom forms created with Plumsail Forms, and SharePoint does not allow it. So, the only way to use HelpDesk on a mobile device is through web browser.