JavaScript from cascading lookup example not working

I’m brand new to plumsail and JavaScript and I used the cascading lookup example to set up an ordering form.
I used all the same list names as the example but am clearly missing something as the categories don’t show at all.

Am I missing something with the list set up or do I need to include some additional tags in the JavaScript like script tags?

Welcome to the community! Can you send a screenshot and explain what you’re seeing now and what you hope to see? I am a fellow community member and have learned so much from this space.

Thank you shedev.

I am expecting to see categories in the category dropdown, as in the CascadingLookup example

However, when I click the categories dropdown, there are no categories. There are options in the Product.

To cover some of the basics, yes I have entered the extra fields and the Expand as per the example image

I literally copied the code into plumsail from the example, because I have set these lists up in sharepoint to be the same as the example.

I'm wondering if I've missed something simple. Maybe in Sharepoint. When I setup the lookups, do I need to allow all the columns that I want to see, or just show the title?
Or is there some assumed knowledge in the examples? Should I be using additional Javascript code.

I'm just a little frustrated with this - I was hoping that the example would help me figure out how to add additional feature that my company need.

This is resolved. Thank you :slight_smile:

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