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I'm trying to reconfigure the org chart to allow assistants to be displayed laterally from their direct report. For example, on the attached screen shots, Traci is the admin assistant to Shawn and Carly is as well to JM. Is there a way to move each assistant up and next to their boss? Our org chart is very large horizontally and making this change would make it less so.

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Hi Chris,

Currently you can display single assistant per manager only. If you use User Profiles as a data source, Org Chart uses "Assistant" property to find assistant for employee. Thus, this field has to be filled. If you use SharePoint list as a data source you have to specify mapping to field where information about assistant is stored. See the picture below:

Once you configured it you can see assistant with lateral connection right under boss.

Thanks Anton, very helpful!!

Ah… I have another question related to this. So I have a profile for Shawn who’s assistant was Traci, however Traci has been re-assigned. When I go into Sharepoint Profile for Shawn and a take out Traci, save and close it doesn’t save the change it still lists Traci as the assistant? Any suggestions for this?



Hi Chris,

In your case Org Chart renders structure based on data from user profiles. If changes were not saved in user profile, it is an issue with Office 365 administration. You can contact Microsoft with this question.

Org Chart for Office 365 doesn’t cache data. So, after page refresh it reads data from user profiles directly.

Bumping up this thread because I'm having issues invoking lateral connections for assistants. The org charts on my company's SharePoint website is pulling from the "user profile" option, and "assistants" are enabled. We don't need to use the dotted assistants.

What I'm trying to do is replicate the lateral connection for Brenda's profile under the Plumsail org chart list. In multiple attempts with the "Assistant" field (either with "Assistant", "David Navarro", "yes" or "1") the lateral connection fails to show up. See attached. Is there something that I'm missing with this setup?

Lastly, there is only one assistant that needs a lateral connection under my company's CEO. Her job title is supposed to be "Executive Assistant." Does the job title have to be "Assistant" in order for the lateral connection to work, or is "Executive Assistant" permissable?

Hello Nathan,

Thank you for your question.

You have parobably already enabled assistants on “General settings” step of the configuration wizard.

The next step you should take is to set up to "Lookup" the type of information your "Assistant" column stores. As in the SharePoint UI, there is no built in method to change the "Get information from" property in the "Additional Column Settings" for your Lookup column I would recommend to create a new Lookup column from scratch and adjust it as shown below:

Here you can see it in more detail if necessary.

Then, go to the manager item (David Navarro, in this case) and set an assistant there. Note, you don't need to set the assistent field in the Brenda item.

Then in the "Data sourse settings" tab set the Assistant ID mapping, choosing the name of the column you recently created.

It's possible that assistant of specific employee has the same employee as a manager. This creates duplicated boxes in the org chart.To avoid that you may either delete manager field value from the assistent item or hide this employee from subordinates following this guideline.

There are no restrictions on job title naming. Just remember to adjust the keyword according to it if you decide to set the filtration.

I hope this will be helpful.

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Anna Dorokhova