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Learn how to Leave handwritten notes on an image using the Ink Sketch control.

Learn how to Populate fields with profile information:

  • Name,
  • Job Title,
  • Department,
  • Manager Name.

Learn how to Duplicate selected item on button click in List or Library control.

Learn how to Build excel charts based on Public Forms submissions.

Learn how to Enable versioning for SharePoint Forms and restore the previous version.

Sharing pages for Public Froms allow you to share forms directly with users - via the URL. You can configure the sharing page to your liking and change its appearance to match your company's or personal style.

Learn how to Manipulate Date and DateTime fields in Public Forms and SharePoint Forms.

  • Add to or Subtract from a Date,
  • Calculate the number of days between two dates,
  • Calculate the number of business days between dates,
  • Calculate the number of business hours between dates.

We have updated the documentation on Wizard Container for Public Forms and SharePoint Forms.

Please have a look and learn how to manipulate and hide/show steps.