License error after restore backup

I am using one license for development server and its working fine.

I created another web application and restore the backup from another SharePoint environment, that farm also using Plumsail . SharePoint, Plumsail and SQL are using Same Versions.
But newly configured web application Plumsail is not working and giving license error.

License file is copied to IIS Folder,
App site collection is configured and App is deployed successfully, without any errors,
Plumsail Site-Collection feature is activated.
Restarted the server

but no effect , and its giving below error, only newly created sitecollection in New Webapplication is not working

Dear @sanaullah102,
Replied in the support ticket, we'll need to see the licensechecker.aspx information in order to see what's going - it might be the case that the Server ID has changed, or maybe the file is not uploaded to the correct folder, either way licensechecker.aspx will give us insight as to what's going on.