License limit Heldpesk 365

We have a valid license Yacht. In our site we used more than 5000 elements, now the system swears on the limit of messages per month.
Then we deleted all messages, but the system continues to swear. How can I resume work under our license?

And how can I find out when a month will end to use new comments?

Hello Viktar!

HelpDesk counts the number of processed comments during a month - not the number of existing ones on your HelpDesk instances. You can find the information about the used number of comments in the "About" tab of settings:

If it is too long to wait comments renewal, you can purchase additional ones or upgrade your subscription plan.

Due to the fact that we did not know that importing data may affect the system’s performance in the future, we ask you to reset it for us, as for your clients, for further fruitful work.
Is it possible? Thank you.

Viktar, we will reset comments for you. Whilst, could you describe the way you imported your Excel data if possible? Did you use some script and create a ticket for each record in the Excel file?

I used powershell script by SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Viktar, comments are reset.

Comments were reset, I saw this, we did not import anything, but today the figure has risen back to 5000 and the limit has reappeared. We have not imported anything yet.

Please check again, Viktar, - now all should be fine.