Limit End User Access

We are trying to find a way to restrict the access in some way to tickets when our end users log in. For example we cannot apply item level targeting as the “SharePoint App” account creates the tickets so it will not target individual users. Unless I am not doing this correctly.

Additionally we tried to hide tickets via a view by showing only items that the “Requester” is equal to “[Me]” however that is not working either. Could you provide some details as to how to limit the end user access or views for the Tickets SharePoint List?

All in all we would like our end users/Help Desk Members to be able to view and manage their own tickets but not all tickets.

Hello! HelpDesk site is supposed to be used by agents or the staff that is trusted to have access to all tickets. Requesters (end-users or members of your environment) should use either web widget or e-mail for communication. By default, the widget gives access only to the tickets raised by the current user, but you can add custom views to it.

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