List and library control not saving lookup id

Hi I am using list and library control as part of a form which is associated with a list.

i want to use list and library control is used to add details to another list. which will pass ID of the current list to another list along with some other data.

for some reason even though id is added as lookup field its not saving and each time a new form is opened the data entered are already there

Hi, I have a same problem now, it was working before (few weeks ago)

Hello @Rinu, @karol,

Do you get any errors in the console (F12)? Could you please share the screenshot.

Please also check that you have the latest version of the app package (1.0.7). In the console (F12) go to Sources >> Page >>


Please see how to update the app package here:

hi @mnikitina!

thanks for getting back to us. We're on latest version 1.0.7 as on your image.
here's the error from console;

thanks a lot for your support


Don't think that this error message related to the List or Library control and binding of the child item to the parent.

Do you have related items in other forms? Does it have the same problem?

If you have the same issue in other forms and lists, we will need temporary access to your tenant to troubleshoot the issue. Please contact us via [email protected].

Hi Mnikitina,

We have multiple forms which has the same problem. Let me know when you can have a look at the issue.

Best Regards


If it is possible, we would like to have temporary access to your tenant to troubleshoot the issue.

Please contact us via [email protected].

me neither now, it was something weird. I ended up creating a new look up field and seems to work fine. Sorry for confusion, i don't know what happened. I did more tests and quite many changes happened on that particular list.
thanks, great support!

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