List and library control save previous entry


There are cases in list and library controls the items are almost similar. I would like to add previous entry as a default entries if i add another item so that i can simply edit the row for any changes.
is there anyway we can save previous entry upon adding a new item in list and library control.

Hello @Rinu,

Perhaps, the approach described in the Duplicate selected item on button click article can suite your requirements. Please have a look and let me know.

This will do thanks Mnikitina

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Hi Mnikitina,

this example works if its a new form, but when you edit a form the duplicate rows are not appearing in the edit form. I found out that the entrys we try to duplicate are acutlly added to the child list but the ID is not added, is there any way to get around this problem

Hello @Rinu,

The code example from the article works both for New and Edit forms.

Could you please share the complete code that you're using in the edit form.
Also, please check if you get any errors in the browser console(F12) when clicking the Duplicate button.

Thank you!

Thanks Mnikitina,

The reason why its not working is that i have not added the lookupID

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