List Item attachments

Looking to see if anyone has code available to open attachments in a list item in a separate window/tab?

used to use this in sp2016 but cannot get it working in SP online

$("table#idAttachmentsTable a").attr('onclick', '').click(function (event) {
var url=$(this).attr('href');, '_blank');

Hello @JThunder,

What product are you using? Plumsail Forms for Modern UI or Forms Designer for Classic UI?

Previous to switching to SP online we used forms designer now we have Plumsail


By default, attachments are either downloaded or opened in a new tab if the browser supports the file format.

Do you see a different behavior? The form opened on a full screen or in a panel?

The form opens in a full screen, the attachments are a pdf and when the user clicks on them it opens in the same form closing the form.


This is not expected behavior.

What widget version are you using? You can find it in the browser console(F12) >> Source >> Page >>


What version of the designer are you using?

If you are using an outdated version of the widget or designer, please install the latest versions.

Learn how to update the widget here.

That did it Thanks! or widget was at 1.0.7

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