List Library Alternate Row Background Color

How can I change the background color for alternating rows for a List or Library Control?

Hello @sphilson,

You can change the color of alternating rows using this CSS:

.fd-sp-datatable-wrapper table tr.k-alt
{ background-color: white; }
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@mnikitina Hi, can i change color by rows on condition by column?

for example Column Status(Finished, In Progress etc)
rows 1,2,3 - background red,
4,5,6 - another color white,
I have datatable, not list library control
and sharepoint 2019 , not online

Hello @ixxxl,

You can change the row color based on the column value using this code:

var table = fd.control('DataTable1');
var value = table.value;
var row = $(table.$el).find('tr');

	for (var i = 0; i < value.length; i++){
		if(value[i].Column1 == 'In Progress' ) {
			//sets the background color of the row to red
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Thank you !

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