List or Library control without parent list

Is there any way to use List or Library control without parent list? I've found this control very useful to display Sharepoint tasks, but I don't need parent list. Just a page with List or Library control to show Sharepoint taks in a nicer view.

I created "dummy" empty list which the only role is to be a "launcher" of form with List or Library control linked to Sharepoint tasks. I wonder if there is any smarter way to do it.


Dear @wflorczyk,
Do you mean, List or Library control as a separate web part? I'll pass the request to the devs, it might be possible, but we need to research it first.

Dear @wflorczyk,
By the way, why not use List web part? It should be capable of the same functionality as List or Library, and can be placed right on the page - Use the List web part - Office Support

AFAIK it doesn't work with Sharepoint Taksks.

I've achieved what I wanted. There's no need for parent list, I can use display form of current list as a place to locate List or Library control. Then I need to launch form directly from url and it works perfectly. You can browse, edit and add elements of any list including Tasks. This is perfect workaround for classic theme of Tasks list in Sharepoint.

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