Load One Form From Another


Is there a way I can load one form from another. So when they click Submit or Next it saves that form and then opens a different one in the same space.

I want them to be able to add what we are calling "ConfigItems" in one form and then be able to click a button that says "Save Item and Add SpesificItems" and it loads the "SpesificItems" form obviously I could use:

window.location.href = "URL HERE";

But I was wondering if there was a way to load it just inside the forms window without reloading the page?

Hello @NG-Helpdesk,

I can't think of any way to open another form without reloading the page.

You can either redirect users to another form after submitting a SharePoint form or prevent redirection on save and open another form in a dialog.

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Thanks for this! Very helpful (as always)!

In the end I've Iframed them and made a new form the Iframe sits in with controls to change the contents of the Iframe.

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