Locked or Read-only SP forms based on dates

Is it possible to make a sharepoint form read-only at a specified dates. (i.e. from 16th of the month - to the end of the month the form is locked for editing)? Then the form opens for editing again after before and after said dates. Thank you!

Dear @Jamail_Serio,
The easiest way for that would be to design a Form Set with all the fields disabled, and then redirect users to this Form Set depending on the current date. Something like this should work:

if(new Date().getDate() > 16){
  return '3c7d1c01-0794-4678-978d-394c4903ef8a';

Be warned that this is not fool proof as it takes date from the client's machine and it can be easily changed. If you want to get the exact date, you might want to send a request somewhere to get an actual date, for example, store it in one of the lists.

More about Form Sets here - Personalized Form sets in Plumsail Forms for SharePoint — SharePoint forms